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Wizard of Oz

dorothy wizard of oz tornado

The Wizard of Oz - Plot

"Quick, Dorothy!" she screamed. "Run for the cellar! " ―The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900). IMG 20140625 090835. The tornado (1900). "It really was no miracle what happened was just this: The wind began to switch, the house to pitch, and suddenly the hinges started to unhitch, just then the Witch! To satisfy an itch, went.
Test tornado: Wizard-of-Oz-tornado. And final clip of the movie: dorothy-wizard-of-oz2. There's also a great article from Tim Marshall about how the tornado was created, and what struck me was that it's not dust and wind. Or at least not most of it. The tornado is a thirty-five foot long muslin sock, inspired by ... Click to Play! dorothy wizard of oz tornado


Dorothy’s tame tornado quickly got wicked | The Kansas City Star

Dorothy (Judy Garland) and Toto arrive at the farmhouse just as the cyclone is approaching, Victor Fleming.
Friday is the 75th anniversary of the release of the Wizard of Oz, the first film to depict an authentic looking tornado with movie magic. Through the decades, the all time classic has inspired movie-goers and future meteorologists alike with scenes of a twister vaulting Dorothy's home into the sky over her ...

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... official release date of "The Wizard of Oz" which was the first movie to depict an authentic looking tornado using improbable “1930's style” special effects. Through the decades, this all-time classic has inspired movie-goers and “weather weenies” alike with the scene of a twister lifting Dorothy's home into.
When Dorothy gets whisked away in “The Wizard of Oz,” the focus is on the magical world she lands in. But what about her transportation? Even the Scarecrow's brains could tell you there was a tornado — a strong one. Using the Enhanced Fujita Scale and a bit of Kansas intuition, David Rahn,.
The Cyclone. Dorothy lived in the midst of the great Kansas prairies, with Uncle Henry, who was a farmer, and Aunt Em, who was the farmer's wife. Their house was small, for the lumber to build it had to be carried by wagon many miles. There were four walls, a floor and a roof, which made one room; and this room contained ...
They were different she said and Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, she told him, was swept away by a cyclone, not a tornado. On my return he asked me what the difference was. I know in theory, I thought a cyclone was a form of hurricane or tropical storm. So what swept Dorothy away? A tornado or a cyclone?

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Wizard of Oz... Cyclone scene in which Dorothy is hit on the head by the window.
A brief synopsis of “The Wizard of Oz” movie. The movie is centered on a young girl named Dorothy Gale who is suddenly blown away with her little dog Toto by a tornado which carries her house from the farmlands of Kansas to the magical world of Oz. It seems that when she landed in Oz at a place called.
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In an effort to collect weather data from inside a tornado, NOAA researchers created the TOtable Tornado Observatory (TOTO), named after Dorothy's little dog from the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” During the 1970s and '80s, several groups from NSSL and the University of Oklahoma tried to deploy TOTO, but.

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She first appears in Baum's classic children's novel 1900 and reappears in most of its sequels.
In addition, she is the main character in various adaptations, notably the classic 1939 film adaptation of the novel.
In later novels, the steadily becomes more familiar to her than her homeland of Kansas.
Indeed, Dorothy eventually goes to live in an in the 's palace but only after dorothy wizard of oz tornado and have settled in a on its outskirts, unable to pay the mortgage on their house in Kansas.
Dorothy's best friendruler of Oz, officially makes her a princess of Oz later in the novels.
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December 2017 Dorothy with the silver shoes illustration by In theDorothy is an orphan raised by her aunt and uncle in the bleak landscape of a farm.
Whether Aunt Em or Uncle Henry is Dorothy's blood relative remains unclear.
Uncle Henry makes reference to Dorothy's mother in The Emerald City of Oz, possibly an indication that Henry is Dorothy's blood relative.
It is also possible that "Aunt" and "Uncle" are affectionate terms of a foster family and that Dorothy is not related to either of them, although Zeb in Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz claims to be Dorothy's second cousin, related through Aunt Em.
Little mention is made of what happened to Dorothy's birth parents, other than a passing reference to her mother being dead.
Along with her small black dog,Dorothy is swept away by a to the Land of Oz and, much like Alice ofthey enter an alternative world filled with talking creatures.
In many of the Oz books, Dorothy is the main of the story.
She is often seen with her best friend and the ruler of Oz.
Her trademark blue and white dress is admired by the because blue is their and white is worn only by good witches and sorceresses, which indicates to them that Dorothy is a good witch.
Dorothy has a forthright and take-charge character, exhibiting no fear when she slaps theand organizing the ' rescue mission of her friends who have been by the.
She is not afraid of angering theas shown when the Witch stole one of Dorothy's slippers, and in retaliation, Dorothy hurled a bucket of water over her, not knowing water was fatal to the witch.
She brazenly rebuffs 's threat to take her head for her collection — "Well, I b'lieve you won't.
This aspect of her character was somewhat lessened by her companionship of Ozma, in whom Baum placed the greater level of wisdom and dignity.
Yet even this is complicated by her associations with her, a rugged, manly boy who does not take well to Oz and cannot think of anything much more interesting than defeating the Munchkins' wrestling champion, which he proves unable to do.
Popular in crossword puzzles is Dorothy's cow, Imogene, from the 1902and is implied, though unnamed, in the.
In the sixth Oz book by Baum, 1910when Uncle Henry and Aunt Em are unable to pay the on the new farmhouse built at the end of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Dorothy brings them to live in Oz; the plot features a tour of Oz as a marvelous, land in which they have escaped the troubles of Kansas.
She becomes princess of Oz and Ozma's "companion," essentially marrying the queen.
Dorothy is a standard character, having at least a cameo role in thirteen of the fourteen Oz books written by L.
Frank Baum while she did not appear at all in The Marvelous Land of Oz, she is mentioned several times in that story, as it was her actions in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that led to the events in the former and is at least a frequent figure in the nineteen that followed by authorgetting at least a cameo in all her books except in which neither Oz nor any of its inhabitants appear, though they are mentioned.
Major subsequent appearances by Dorothy in the "Famous Forty" are in,,and.
Most of the other books focus on different child protagonists, some Ozite, some from other Nonestican realms, and some from theand as visit web page, her appearances in the main series become more and more limited.
In 's The Magical Mimics in Oz 1946Ozma places Dorothy on the throne of Oz while she is away visiting 's fairy band.
The magic of Oz keeps Dorothy young.
In The Lost King of Oz 1925a carries Dorothy to a in.
She begins to age very rapidly to her late 20s, making up for at least some of the years that have already passed.
The Wish Way carries her back to Oz and restores her to her younger self, but she learns then that it would be unwise for her ever to return to the outside world.
Baum never states Dorothy's age, but he dorothy wizard of oz tornado state in that she is a year younger than and a year older thanwhose age was specified as 10 in Ruth Plumly Thompson's.
Thompson's Oz books show a certain intolerance in Dorothy.
InNotta Bit More arrives in the Emerald City "disguised" as a traditional witch, and Dorothy immediately starts dumping buckets water on him without provocation although she reacted this way on the assumption that the "witch" Notta was an evil witch like her old this web page, the Wicked Witch of the West.
Inshe makes unsavory comments about the dark coloration and her subjects take on as a disguise, making them somewhat resemble.
This behavior is not characteristic of Dorothy in Baum's Oz books.
Inshe pushes and slaps through crowds of Tottenhots to rescue the Scarecrow, whom they are tossing around, but this is more an example of her gumption than any sort of prejudice, as she is otherwise kind and polite to the Tottenhots, and accepts that their ways are different from those who dwell in the Emerald City.
The authorized sequels ofandcenter on the child characters Dori and Em, who live with their Aunt Susan.
All three are indirect descendants of Dorothy, though their specific relationship to her is unclear.
Hank knows that he is in Oz because his mother, Dorothy Gale-Stover, had been there back in 1890 and later told him of her experiences.
Farmer's premise is that Dorothy only visited Oz once and told her story to a journalist called Frank Baum.
This journalist would later create a series of books from Dorothy's only adventure in Oz.
Farmer's Oz is on the brink of both a and an invasion by the.
Dorothy's last name is never mentioned in orthe first two Oz books.
It is disclosed in the third book 1907.
The last name of Gale was originally mentioned in Baum's script for the 1902 Broadway stage version of The Wizard of Oz, in which it was originally a setup for a punning joke.
DOROTHY: "I am Dorothy, and I am one of the Kansas Gales.
Although Baum reportedly found these plots incoherent, he identified their source of popularity as Alice herself, a character with whom child readers could identify; this influenced his choice of a protagonist for his own books.
Dorothy's character was probably named after Baum's own niece, Dorothy Louise Gage, who died in infancy.
Baum's wife was very attached to her and was deeply grieved by her death, so there is speculation that Baum inserted her click into his stories as a memorial.
Elements of Dorothy Gale's dorothy wizard of oz tornado are possibly derived fromDorothy Gage's grandmother.
Dorothy Gage is buried in in .
Lee Sandlin writes that L.
Frank Baum read a disaster report of a tornado inin May 1879 which included the name of a victim, Dorothy Gale, who was "found buried face down in a mud puddle.
Frank Baum adapted his early Oz novels aswith as Dorothy.
This was followed bya motion picture short thatone of the directors of Fairylogue, made without Baum as part of a contract fulfillment.
In this 1910 film, Dorothy was played by.
It was followed by two sequels the same yearDorothy and the Scarecrow in Oz and The Land of Oz, both of which included Dorothy, but whether Daniels participated is unknown.
Dorothy does not appear in 1914although some film books claim thatwho had yet to sign her contract withplayed the role.
The character, is, in fact, eliminated from the film version, although she has a fairly large role in the novel.
In this film, Aunt Em informs her on her eighteenth birthday that she was left on their doorstep and is really a princess of Oz destined to marry Prince Kyndwho has currently lost the throne to Prime Minister Kruelin a storyline similar to that of His Majesty the Scarecrow of Oz, only with Dorothy as the.
In the end, the story proves to be the dream of a little girl who has fallen asleep listening to the story of Kynd and Kruel, said to be the story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
The film also introduced the idea of the farmhands also being theandalbeit as costumes they don in order to conceal themselves in Oz.
In the 1939 movieDorothy was played bywho received an for her performance.
Since she was sixteen years old at the time of filming, Garland's maturing figure was bound into a figure-hiding corset.
Since fantasy films generally were unsuccessful at that time, link Oz as a head-trauma-induced delirium, instead of a real place.
It is implied that Oz is merely Dorothy's since she awakens in bed at the end, though Dorothy is convinced that her journey was all in fact real.
A window knocked out Dorothy when the tornado was approaching the farm.
After that storm lifted the farmhouse, she and Toto saw a chicken coop, an old lady knitting calmly in a rocking chair with a cat on her lap, a cow, and two men rowing a boat who doff their hats to her as well as miscellaneous debris flying by them.
Finally, Dorothy saw Miss Almira Gulch, who was going to abduct Toto to the sheriff, fly on her bicycle outside the window, becoming a witch on a broom.
As one of the first movies to be filmed inthe director had the color of the famous magic slippers changed from silver to red because the were more visually appealing on film.
She is reunited with Aunt Em, Uncle Henry, their three farm workers Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion's alter egosand Professor Marvel The Wizard's alter ego when she awakens from being unconscious at the end of this film, back at home and safe.
Dorothy's characterization in the 1939 film is more of a damsel in distress, somewhat unlike the adventurous, forthright and bold Dorothy of the books.
In the video for 's 1994 hit song "", Dorothy tries to get into a club where the band is performing.
She is portrayed by actress Diana Marquis.
In Disney's 2013 filmDorothy's maternal origins are hinted at when Annie informs her friend that her fiancé's surname is Gale.
In this iteration, the trademark dress is actually a uniform; the rest of the time she wears a and and rides a.
When she is taken into Oz, she learns that she is actually the princess of the kingdom of Oz, sent to another world and live preseason games nfl by androids to protect her after her sister was possessed by the spirit of an ancient witch that she unleashed by accident.
In the 2012 TV miniseriesDorothy played by is shown as an adult writer and starts regaining suppressed memories of her actual adventures in the Land of Oz when the plans to conquer the Land of Oz and all of Earth.
InDorothy is an adult when she is taken to Oz, working as a nurse.
She is still living with Em and Henry, but here they are identified as her adopted parents, her biological mother having left her with them as a baby and only recently getting back in touch with Dorothy.
Months after receiving the letter, Dorothy makes her first official visit to her biological mother when the tornado occurs that takes her to Oz.
Faced with an Oz that is increasingly opposed to magic on the Wizard's orders and accused of the death of the Witch of the East- which was initially an accident and later self-defence when the Witch survived her injuries- Dorothy learns more about her true ties to this world as she searches for answers, accompanied by a police German Shepherd she names 'Toto' and the amnesic Lucas.
The TV series concludes with her returning to Earth after the wizard's forces are decimated by the Beast Forever, but she is subsequently contacted by Lucas and Toto- both of whom she left behind in Oz- appearing to her in Kansas to ask for help.
Dorothy appears in the and of the TV series.
In this show, Dorothy is from a fictional version Kansas and not from Earth dubbed the Land Without Magic in the show.
She is portrayed as an adult by and as a child by Matreya Scarrwener.
Dorothy, caught in her Kansas farmhouse during a raging cyclone, is swept away to Oz.
Taken in by the protectors of Oz, the sisterhood of witches, she comes to view them as family.
One night, she is confronted by the Witch of the Westwhile getting water from a well.
Zelena intends to get rid of Dorothy as she believes the girl is destined to usurp her seat in the sisterhood.
In defense, Dorothy throws a bucket of here at Zelena; causing the witch to melt.
Glinda the Witch of the Souththen appears to offer her to take Zelena's place as the Witch of the West, but Dorothy declines; wishing only to return home.
With Glinda's help, she is taken to see the Wizard and given a pair of silver slippers to travel to any world.
Dorothy thanks the Wizard of Oz and proceeds to click the slippers' heels three times to send herself home.
Only after the girl's departure, Glinda discovers too late that Zelena masqueraded as the Wizard in order to usher Dorothy out of Oz.
Upon returning to Kansas, Dorothy tells her family about her experiences in Oz.
However, her family doesn't believe her, and attempts to get her admitted into an asylum.
Her aunt, Emily Brown Gina Stockdale is the only person who believes her, and refuses to let her be admitted.
However, Aunt Em dies, gifting Dorothy a puppy named Lines week 1 espn before she does.
Years pass, and Dorothy returns to Oz.
Learning from the munchkins that Zelena is still alive and no longer fearing the witch, Dorothy storms the palace in time to stop Zelena from stealing the Scarecrow's brain for a time spell.
Dorothy taunts Zelena about having one thing she'll never obtain, the love of the people, as Zelena prepares a fireball to destroy her.
Toto, hopping out of the bag, trots up to the palace curtains, while Dorothy ducks to avoid Zelena's fireball, which hits an approaching guard.
Toto then tugs a string, causing the curtains to fall on Zelena, who fumbles to get free.
While she is occupied, Dorothy escapes the palace with the Scarecrow and her dog.
Later, she and her companions hide out in a cottage, but Zelena eventually finds them, after putting a tracking spell on Dorothy's old bicycle.
Dorothy does her best to protect the Scarecrow, but Zelena ends dorothy wizard of oz tornado ripping out his brain.
Fearlessly standing up to the witch, Dorothy dares Zelena to do her worst, while boasting that she'll never be afraid of her again.
Zelena expresses brief interest in her brave attitude, wondering what made her change.
In the end, Zelena leaves Dorothy unharmed to let the people of Oz see that, for once, their great hero has failed them.
When Zelena gets banished to Oz once again in a later episode, she steals Dorothy's dog Toto.
When Dorothy tries to rescue Toto, Zelena puts her under a sleeping curse and she can only be awoken by true love's kiss.
While on her way to the Emerald City with Toto and her three companions, they encounter Batman who thinks that the Scarecrow is the same one from his world.
The interrogation is short lived, as Dorothy and her gang are sucked into a vortex where they are captured by the game's central antagonist, Lord Vortech.
Lord Vortech imprisons Dorothy and uses the Ruby Slippers as one of the foundation elements needed to create his "perfect world".
Whatever becomes of Dorothy after Vortech's demise is up for questioning.
Frank; Hearn, Michael Patrick.
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The secret of Alice's success lay in the fact that she was a real child, and any normal child could sympathize with her throughout her adventures.
The story may often bewilder -- having neither plot nor motive in its narrative --but Alice is engaged in strange and marvelous activity at every moment, click to see more the child reader follows her with rapturous delight.
The New York Times.
Retrieved 28 May 2013.
Two decades later, he writes, a struggling entrepreneur named Lyman Baum, who was working on a children's book, came upon a grim detail in a newspaper account of the Irving disaster: "The name of one of the victims, who had been found buried face down in a mud puddle, was Dorothy Gale" — a name the author, writing as L.
Frank Baum, would soon immortalize in "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
Staten Island: Advance Digital Media.
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Retrieved July 4, 2017.
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